Rare Things for a Rare Life

The Knights of J'shua Book 2

by Tiana Dokerty ©2023

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Part 14


Chapter 66


Intent on completing a last circuit for the year, Rebekah had tried to avoid the excesses arising from the royal tour. It might be all well and good for the new king to travel throughout the land and learn about his people, but it was inconveniencing her and a lot of other traveling salesmen. All of whom had to find alternate accommodation because the tour was in town, was about to be in town, or had just been in town.

Worse, it was affecting sales and…

When did she get so caught up playing Tommas Bekh? Her old life has utterly disappeared as if stolen away by sorcery or an evil mastermind. She had been content staying home, helping her parents with their farm, and caring for the children.

If I met my younger self, would she be able to see through my disguise? Or would she see just another—aye, a relatively successful—seller of plows and merchandise? Could she guess I am a spy? That I own enterprises?

What has become of Rebekah, the wife and mother? She contentedly waited for Jonathan during each of his missions. Giving one’s fear to God was really the same for everyone. Some days easy, some days not. Worrying about Sarah caused her to repent much lately. Where are you, Sarah?

It’s been ten long years of searching. You’re sixteen. But I will never stop while there is breath in my body.


Chapter 67


High Keep

Gaelib strutted around the castle. He’d dismissed the guards he didn’t own. Then he sat on the bright blue velvet cushions of the great throne. Running his hands over the throne’s jewels and carvings, he imagined the day it would be his. He dared those who witnessed it to underestimate him, to think him just another with ambitions that exceeded his abilities. As for those who knew the truth, for them, his playacting spoke of such confidence that he didn’t need to be subtle.

I want to celebrate, but Caileagh didn’t come with me.

She continued to pester him about her vision of the golden bride. It was nonsense. He would get Sagen a wife, then an heir. There would be no blonde girls for him to choose from. The vision could not come true. He would not allow it.

I no longer have any orphans here. Caileagh takes them all for her Order. Something else will have to suffice.

“Bring Macom’s woman up from the dungeon. The one he so inconveniently returned while we were on the road here.”

She’ll have to do.

He had taken the maiden in a debt collection, then sold her to Lord Macom, who’d demanded a refund when she refused to submit to him. None of her family had survived, leaving her despondent.

I doubt she’s much fire left in her. She’ll be poor sport.

Guards delivered the woman in due course, washed and draped in finery. She was bound and terrified. Her blonde hair was very long, still damp, but combed and scented with roses.

Oh, she has the look of a Locke. Quite a beauty. This might entertain, after all.

Gaelib motioned for the guards to leave. Then he added a potion to a cup and approached her. “You can earn your release from the dungeon today,” he crooned. “Would you like that?”

She nodded meekly, eyes on the floor.

“You must be thirsty.” He put the cup to her lips and, after she drank, removed her loose gown. And dropped it to the floor. She stiffened at his touch, but he continued to explore. Cradling her in his arms, he laid her on a table, pushing parchments to the floor. He removed her bonds and coached her to do what he liked.

He enjoyed her, despite her inexperience.

Then he plied her with more drugged wine and sent her to the Red Madame, along with a note that read: “Train this one. Keep her for me. I want to see what you can make of her.”

Elated and pleasantly exhausted, he sank back onto the throne and let his eyes trail over the banners of the dukes, earls, and lesser nobles that had pledged their fealty to Freislicht. Soon, very soon, all of them would bow to him.

Yet, when his eyes rested on Caswell’s colors, he recalled Drake’s perfidy. But although Drake did not reveal the wedding of Jon’s son, the spy brought a delightful idea: capturing the boy’s new wife.

I can deal with Drake at my leisure. Even if the girl is dull, it will spur the younger Otual into action…into some ill-considered…oh, yes! I can turn a single kidnapping into the end of “my old friend” and his entire line. When I’m done…


Chapter 68

Cynthia or David

[Cynthia and David's marriage working]


Chapter 69


[Lockes find out that Melyssa and Sarah changed places, and that Kel'shan attended the wedding

No one thinks Melyssa is involved with Kel'shan because Sarah played me!



Gregory happy about marriage to Kel'shan

Ellyth does not want her baby daughter marrying into those barbarians in the south]


Chapter 70


[Rebekah finds a suitable Licht Gegen bodyguard on the ?th try - bodyguards are two woman (one old and on young) ?]



[Jon's adventures in Esthlanis - knights school - and meets Duane… and finally gets to play chess]


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