Rare Things for a Rare Life

The Knights of J'shua Book 2

by Tiana Dokerty ©2023

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Updated 5/18/24

Part 16


Chapter 76

Melyssa, Sarah and Kel'shan




Gregory Locke

First Half-Moon, Summer - Lexandria

Gregory Locke paced around the bedchamber, wearing only his breeches. He turned to his wife, Ellyth, holding the summons. “I don’t care what this says. I’m not sending a daughter of mine to the king to become a tool of Melazera. I should’ve hidden the girls away when the Earl of Lorness visited. We did so when the king was here. No! No, I simply refuse.”

His wife drew close, responding calmly, “Dear, we’ll find a way to prevent this. The local daikon visited yesterday before you arrived home. He says there’s a suitable girl who’s willing to go in Melyssa’s place.”

Gregory rounded on her. His fists clenched, crumpling the letter. “Did you seek the daikon’s help? I’ll not have one of those navy cloaks meddling in my affairs. Caswell has been needling me to follow him for years.”

“No.” She placed her hand on his chest, soothed him. “He sought me out, saying J’shua had heard our prayers and provided a substitute. I’ve told no one, so he quite surprised me.”

“How’s that going to help?” Gregory sat down hard on a couch. “The girl would need to know our family’s history, our ways, and all the little things that make a Locke, a Locke.”

“She’s my midwife’s daughter, knows our family, and has been in and out of our houses all her life. She even has the right complexion. She looks very much like Melyssa and is fifteen as well.”

“Sounds far-fetched,” he grumbled.

Ellyth looked down into the courtyard. “Oh. She’s here.” She pulled him up and smiled. “Get dressed. We’ll go down together.”


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