castle with series title Chronicle of the Knights of J'shua


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About the Myth

Since the day we were born, we were told a story. The story though imbued with many true facts, is largely the perception of our parents, teachers, and influential media worldbuilders. Our understanding of the world has been crafted for us. At some point, most people realize that what we were led to believe is a myth.

As we grow, we must learn to discern the truths in the myth, and the deceptions, the many veils that the Serpent has devised to trick us into serving him inadvertently.


Ancient Near East Understanding of the Sons of God

I hope that my books encourage you to search the scriptures, to study them in faith, knowing that God gave you the intellect to understand his message and righteous character found in them.

For years I accepted the myths handed down to me from through the church. After realizing all the inconsistencies created by their mythology that are much cleared up by looking at the scriptures from the perspective of those that lived in that time, I consider myself a primitive Christian. I reject any theology built on the perversions of the councils that met after Rome and its gods infiltrated the church.

Evil people rise to the top of organizations, because innocent God-fearing people do not seek the glory of position and lust for control over others.

I praise God that the perfection of the original scriptures has been preserved through the ages. The very fact that the scriptures say differently than the conventional mythology, proves that point.

The term 'sons of God' appears throughout the Bible. In the old testament it refers to angels, rather the spiritual beings that God created long before he created us. They have conversations with God the Father, with other people, and even beasts. In my books I have tried to imagine what they might be like.

In the Christian scriptures, Paul refers to born again believers as sons of God. I think that is because we were filled with holy spirit.

[But we speak the wisdom of God in a secret, the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.]

[To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this secret among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:]

The Premise of Chronicle of the Knights of J'shua

As an audacious exercise, consider what might have been if Rome was never founded. Romulus and Remus were not rescued by a wolf. Instead the orphaned heathen twins, died, howling into the cold night.

Without Roman invention and imperial conquests, cultural and political freedom varied greatly and progressed slowly. Migrating voluntarily, people traded with their neighbors and traveled in curiosity. Ideas and prosperity spread gradually. Their rightness judged as they bore fruit.

Tribes and clans attacked one another, absorbing beliefs and customs.

In time, J’shua was born to reveal the God of Truth to the world. As it is written:

[No man has seen the Father at any time; His only begotten son has declared him.]

In one part of the world, people translated the scriptures of old into their own language and referred to them as the Writings.

The gatherings of J’shua’s followers became known as Circles. Through conquering and commerce, more human tribes experienced the words of J’shua Ha Mashiach. The innate power of his message flourished.

Remnants of the old gods are still heard in Freislicht. In surprise, one might shout, “By Odin!” Another might say to themselves, “Anu preserve us.” And in a fit of anger, with a shaking fist, a man might curse, “The winds of Taranis take you!” But worship of these gods had all but dwindled away in Freislicht as the God of Truth and the peace of J’shua prevailed.

Didn’t the God of Truth create man in His own image with a mind able to choose wisdom and liberty?