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Book 2 - projected to launch by 11/20/24.


Book 1: The Order of the Black Robe

by Tiana Dokerty

In a kingdom overrun by shadows, one girl’s abduction sparks a movement of hope.

Rebekah Otual lives a peaceful life in the kingdom of Freislicht. While her husband, Jonathan, a Knight of J'shua, is off on a missionary journey, she is happy to stay at home raising her six-year-old daughter Sarah.

But when an official from the earl shows up one morning with soldiers, demanding immediate payment for a debt and Rebekah has no means to pay it, Sarah is snatched as collateral.

Desperate to save her daughter, Rebekah masquerades as a man, traveling through the kingdom to find her. On her quest, she discovers the government's dark secret: they're using kidnapped children in a grim ritual to empower an ancient evil.

Now Rebekah must not only save Sarah, but also confront the growing darkness, risking everything to protect her family and stand against the evil that seeks to consume her world.

Can one mother’s love save the entire realm from eternal darkness?

Unveil the mysteries of faith and valor in The Order of the Black Robe, the captivating debut of the Chronicle of the Knights of J’shua series. Dive into a world where courage battles darkness, where gritty realities intersect with divine destiny, and where medieval landscapes provide the backdrop for an epic spiritual journey. If you're drawn to stories of bravery, confronting evil, and the timeless struggle between light and dark, then this christian medieval fantasy is a must-have.

Embrace the adventure — purchase The Order of the Black Robe today!

[Mature topics]

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to current real people or places are entirely coincidental. All passages of The Writings are based in the King James Version which has no copyright.

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