Rare Things for a Rare Life

The Knights of J'shua Book 1

by Tiana Dokerty ©2023

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Chapter 0

The Warrior

The Warrior strode into the towering granite castle in the third heaven, draped in a pearly gray robe adorned only with gold tokens, awards given him by his master, the Serpent, for each of his conquests in the earth. Each glinting piece spoke of a triumph over the weak, a victory in the cosmic struggle that played out in the unseen realms.

He waited in a carved, marble alcove, his anticipation simmering beneath the surface. The sculpted crystal doors swung open painfully slow. The waiting throng of angels whisked into the great hall. Their colorful garments reflected from the polished floor, splashing the walls with shifting hues.

The Warrior entered, a figure of dark purpose amidst the celestial splendor.

The heavenly beings gathered in clusters radiating ethereal light. Some hurried away, their iridescent vestures flowing, rustling around them. Others leaned against alabaster pillars inlaid with gold.

Such pretense. They didn’t care what the old man said any more than he.

All the other sons of God whispered as the Warrior approached the dais. Their furtive glances betrayed their discomfort at his presence.

The Warrior, head high, passed them by slowly with measured strides, delighting at their gasps and glares. He reveled in the unspoken tension, a predator delighting in the unease of his prey.

His pride, however, faltered at the sight of J’shua Ha Mashiach on the second throne. A scowl etched across his face as he realized–the Most High God would not grace the gathering with His presence. The Warrior's growl, born of insult, resonated within the hallowed hall.

He continued to the dais, his gaze sweeping over the vast expanse of the hall. The Warrior had a right to be here. He too was created by God, an angel, a son, and a prince over the earth. Soon those others would be beneath his feet. For now, he would follow the customs of God’s Holy Council. He was here to present his written brief of the facts of his recent investigations. As the trial of the Serpent continued on and on, more and more evidence of his lord’s undeserved condemnation was revealed.

He glanced down at his golden awards. Today, he would inform the enemy of their next impending failure. For where was the glory in defeating an unwary opponent? And what better than to gloat within the Grand Castle overlooking the Lower Realms through the vast sea and the barrier of the firmament?

The Warrior presented the many pages of evidence to the attending guardian. He bowed perfunctorily toward the two thrones. “I, the Warrior, Champion of the God of this Age, lay claim to Freislicht. It shall fall as easily as those lands before it. My Master, God over all lesser Gods, desires it, and lawfully, will take it.”

J’shua Ha Mashiach stood. “You have tempted many, but your time will end. It is also written in the Book that the Children of Men shall not disappoint.”

The Warrior snickered, a derisive sound that echoed through the heavenly space. “We still have dominion in the Density. We’ve eliminated or mentally disarmed your weak followers. The human scourge breeds like vermin. Our host multiplies, swelled by your defectors. What do you have? Mere clay pots, and only a remnant is devoted to you.”

J'shua's response, measured and resolute, only fueled the Warrior's defiance. “Even the smallest of the faithful is glorious. Your challenge has been added to the Book of Life. You may leave, Warrior.”

Laughing, the Warrior turned on his heel and left.

Outside, his waiting lieutenants bobbed as they hurried to him, crooking their heads toward other angels rushing past.

He’d wanted to stir up an argument with the God of Truth. Instead his son dismissed him with quiet confidence. The Warrior grit his teeth. “Is everything set?”

One stepped forward and bowed. “Yes, Lord. All has been prepared. You chose these two wisely, my lord. So our timeline has been accelerated. The wizard and his woman are in Freislicht. She is most skilled in the deceptive arts and was accepted at court as the ambassador’s widow. Following our instruction, she befriended and poisoned the earl’s wife and proceeded to seduce him. After only a few moons, the court recommended to the king that she marry the Earl of Lorness who has a young son suitable to your purpose. The woman’s daughter is grooming the son for you.”

“Very well,” the Warrior growled, his impatience palpable. “It is time that I meet this boy.”

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